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Who We Are


We​ are the 2018 graduating International Relations class at Western University. For four years we have worked together to explore concepts in History and Political Science to contextualize global affairs in terms of Canada's past, present, and future.

The Honours Specialization in International Relations examines the connections between peoples and states in historical and contemporary contexts. It is an interdisciplinary program between Political Science and History.


The study of international relations prepares students for careers in the field of international relations, including international development, international law, foreign affairs reporting, and the foreign service.

What We Do

This website is the Western University's International Relations graduating class of 2018's final, capstone assignment. 

This website is designed as a comprehensive exploration of Canadian policy domestically and internationally. We have created potential scenarios, solutions and proposals based off of current events to further explore Canadian trends in economics, global governance, feminist policy, Canadian-American relations, security, and domestic relations.


As a class, we have collaborated to create an innovative and educational approach to policy proposals that is creative while also based off quantitative and qualitative facts.

End Notes


Thank you for taking the time to explore and interact with our website. We wanted to use this project as an opportunity to discover how our unique interests, ideas, and approaches can cohesively fit together to produce something relevant, educational, and creative. 

How We Work


Beginning the year with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada, Chrystia Freeland's address on Canada's foreign policy priorities, we were set up with the task of creating a policy playbook examining her main themes. 

Each of us took something of importance from Freeland's address, and used it to direct what scenarios and events we wanted to explore for the final project. Although our website does not strictly adhere to the policy proposals outlined in Freedland's speech, it is inspired by her call to overcome challenges and to grow and innovate as a country.

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